The scoop on Ozone



Have you ever noticed that “Fresh-Air” scent after a rainstorm? That is the ozone or (O3) working to clean the outside air. Our state of the art technology mimics the Earth’s natural process to remove germs, bacteria, odors, viruses and allergens. This will ensure a healthy and odor free indoor home or work space.

What is Ozone

 Ozone or (O3) has 3 oxygen atoms, it is blue in color and has a strong clean scent. Normal oxygen (O2), which we breathe, has two oxygen atoms and is colorless and odorless. Environmental scientists have classified O3 into two groups:  Good Ozone and Bad Ozone

Good Ozone

Good ozone (also called Stratospheric Ozone) occurs naturally in the upper Stratosphere. The stratosphere is the layer of space 6 to 30 miles above the earth's surface.  

Bad Ozone

 Bad Ozone is also known as Tropospheric Ozone, or ground level ozone. This gas is found in the troposphere, the layer that forms the immediate atmosphere. Bad Ozone does not exist naturally. Human actions cause chemical reactions between oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

How we use Ozone

  Activated Oxygen does not just mask an odor like an air freshener. It completely destroys the bacteria that is causing the odor so it will not return. Testing has shown it to be 3,000 times stronger than chlorine/bleach without the chemical residue! So not only are we removing odors, we are essentially sanitizing the indoor space. 

Phoenix FreshAir

  Phoenix FreshAir has invested in all new energy efficient equipment that will reach proper sanitizing levels faster. Most of our Ozone treatments only take about 4-6 hours to sanitize and remove odors-(1hr for Autos). Most O3 companies still use outdated equipment which take a minimum of 72 hours to start producing results and cannot reach the sanitizing levels that Phoenix FreshAir can offer. 

*** Please remember even though it is a natural gas, at these stronger levels it is an irritant to breathe.  When providing a treatment, we ask to remove the 3 Ps. People, Pets and Plants during the treatment process.