Apartment and Real Estate Odors


The ability to rent or sell a home can swing on one small detail.

Location, decor, and schools are the big issues, but smell is a subtle, yet powerful, persuader.

Musty, lived-in, or stale odors in a home decreases value and buyer decisions.

This is why “Realtor Seminars” suggest the apple pie smell for the kitchen or the potpourri in the living room.  Smell is a huge part of the buyer’s experience.

Foul odor in a home can break a deal fast! Selling or renting a home is challenging enough. Increase your odds and turn your properties fast by making sure it is pleasant to all senses!

Phoenix FreshAir is the Valley’s premier Odor Removal Company when it comes to clearing a property of any odor. We work with many Realtors, Investors and Property Management companies throughout the Phoenix, Metro Area.

We use an All Natural Treatment that is safe for any House, Condo or Apartment. Removing an odor from an investment property is very important for a fast turnaround. Often times, the previous tenants or occupants’ leave their own scent and footprint behind, that will turn off new prospective buyers. We can literally erase the footprint of any previous occupant, in any home, so it’s more inviting and will have a fresh and new scent!

Our FreshAir Treatment typically can be completed in a couple of hours, depending on size of property and severity of odor. Most other odor removal companies still use older technology and processes. Their equipment usually needs to run for 72 hours before you would see results. Phoenix FreshAir Treatments will not only save you time, but money too!

Phoenix FreshAir has invested in all new state of the art equipment that is not found at your typical retail store.

We have all professional grade equipment that will conquer any odor!  Our equipment will reach saturation points faster than ever before and is constantly being tested and improved by scientific professionals.

Don’t Just Mask Them, Permanently Remove These Odors:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Cooking
  • Pets
  • Mildew
  • Dirt
  • Decay
  • Anything Else!

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