Providing a Healthier Workplace


The indoor air quality is a serious issue in the workplace.

We consume ten times more air than food or water.

Poor air quality can cause headaches, tiredness, occasional nausea, and even illness.

Whether foul odors, infections, or air quality; protect your workers and reduce liabilities by providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Warehouses need attention too. Large scale odor and sanitizing issues can be improved. In the end, sick or tired workers cost the company money and hinder efficient operations. We can address highly-localized odor problems, infection threats, and large scale concerns. As Fresh Air Experts, our people understand how to go to the source of the problem and provide a real solution. Solutions can be filtration, neutralization, antimicrobial treatments, or routine application of probiotics. Everything we do is environmentally-safe and intended to improve the workplace for everyone.

We can also evaluate allergy issue with our Allergy Abatement program. Create a safe zone for workers suffering from allergies.

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