Disinfect-Sanitize-Kill Germs Everywhere


What if it was possible to instantly sanitize and deodorize your home or facility without chemicals?

With our specialized treatments we can do just that! Our process leaves no harsh chemical residue behind. During this treatment, we treat all the indoor areas to sanitize from all types of germs, bacteria and virus.

Maintaining a germ-prevention program requires another very important step and if you are reading through our website, you have taken that step!

Germs are everywhere! The best cleaning is quickly compromised with one sneeze or dirty hand.  We have built specific programs that will fit your individual needs. Whether its a home or office, you want a program that conforms to you.

We can customize your program around the number of people at your home or office, the amount of new traffic in and out and of course convenience.  It can be monthly to once a year and can always be adjusted as you see fit!

Infection Control:

We apply an invisible coating on all surfaces (porous and non porous) that inhibits bacteria and germs with a non-toxic, non-leaching coating that will actually break down the biofilm. We apply to carpet, walls, furniture, contents to keep bacteria and germs from colonizing in areas shared by the community.

There is no alcohol and no Triclosan. Just a very effective H2O2 base solution that is so small it dries almost immediately.  

Break the Cycle of Infection in Day Care Centers, Schools, and Play Areas

We can treat every surface, including carpets, equipment, toys, tables, and play equipment. 

Sport Gear, Uniforms, and Locker Rooms

We are specially excited to bring our Decon solution to the sports community. Using our comprehensive system, it is possible to reduce infection to the absolute minimum. We can treat locker rooms, gyms, work-out equipment with no harm to the equipment. 

Sports gear has two big problems. SMELL and GERMS. Since most of those nasty locker room smells are bacteria living in and around the public areas, our small micron fogging solution will treat even the smallest of spaces quickly.

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